Your circumstances will determine what documents we'll need from you:

If you're employed by a company/individual:

  • Wage slips for the last 3 months/ latest P60

  • A recent bank statement showing your income being paid in

If you're self-employed or own a company:

  • Your annual self-assessment tax return alongside evidence of any dividends

  • Most recent personal bank statement

If you're on benefits:

  • Your current full benefit entitlement aware letter

  • Your most recent bank statement showing payment being made

If you receive a pension:

  • Your bank statement showing payment being made

  • A copy of your pension statement

If you have an Inheritance/Insurance payout/ Trust fund:

  • An official letter confirming the payment amount

  • A bank statement showing the payment made

If you are using your savings:

  • Your bank statement showing available funds

  • A brief explanation as to how savings have been accrued

Winnings from another operator/s:

  • Your account summary overview from the other operator evidencing your total lifetime deposits and withdrawals

  • A bank statement showing payment being made

To complete our Source of Funds check as quickly and painlessly as possible, please ensure to include as much information about your income and occupation. In cases where we need further information from you, the Due Diligence team will reach out to you.

Once you've got everything ready, send them to If in doubt, please reach out to our support team who will be happy to help.

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