We're regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which means there are certain rules and procedures we, and all gambling companies, need to follow. By doing this we can help keep our website socially responsible and free from crime.

We're required to ask for information and documentation about how you fund your deposits for two reasons. Firstly, we need to ensure the funds used on our website are coming from a legitimate source, and not the proceeds of crime. And, secondly, we have a responsibility to make sure our customers are using our website in an affordable way.

In order to complete this check we need to confirm the following:

How do you fund your deposits?

We need to understand the source of the funds that you use to deposit on our website. Potential sources might include:

  • Your job. If this is the case, let us know what you do and how you receive your wages. Are you employed or self-employed? Part-time or Full-time? What industry are you in?

  • Benefits. If this is the case let us know a little more about how much you receive and how often.

  • A property sale, inheritance or winnings from elsewhere.

  • Any other source. Perhaps you receive regular funds from a partner or family member.

A document to confirm the above.

If you're unsure what documentation to send in, don't hesitate to ask. Some of the most commonly provided documents include:

  • Bank statements showing your income or benefits being received.

  • Payslips and/or P60's.

  • Letters that confirm the receipt of funds. (In these instances we will require a bank statement showing the funds being paid).

In order to complete this check as quickly and painlessly as possible try to give us as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing. Otherwise, our trained verification staff might have to reach out and ask some questions for clarification.

Whilst we wait to receive this information your depositing will be limited, and if we do not complete the check within 90 days, your account will be suspended.

We understand that this can feel intrusive, however, please be assured that our staff are highly trained, we store all our information securely and we're regularly audited by the UK Gambling Commission to ensure we're completing these checks in a diligent way.

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