There are a couple of reasons why we'll ask you to send us a copy of your bank statement or payslip to confirm your salary or income. 

Firstly, we might feel you may be spending outside your comfortable limits and need you to confirm that you are by sending us some information. However, we also have a licence obligation to ask for evidence of source of income when certain deposits limits are reached.

We may ask for other information, however this will be detailed in the email you receive. 

Please send your documents to for the team to review. 

Setting deposit limits

After you've sent your documents to us, if we still think that you're income doesn't match your level of play, we'll take relevant action such as setting deposit limits or limiting your access to MrQ. 

"I don't feel comfortable doing this"

We take responsible gambling very seriously and want to make sure all our customers are comfortable with their level of play. 

We also understand that this can feel intrusive, however, we’re licensed by the Gambling Commission who regulate us to make sure we’re protecting your information and keeping you safe.

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