At some point, we may require documents from you. In order to make these checks as quick and painless as possible please follow the tips below.

Make sure you send us the following two documents:

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of address

And, that the documents you send us are from the accepted lists below, as well as in the right format.

Proof of identity

What we accept:

  • Passport

  • UK Driving Licence

  • Non-UK Driving Licence

  • Non-UK National ID card

What we don't accept:

  • Birth certificates

  • Out of date/invalid IDs

  • Bus Pass

  • UK Citizen Card

  • Proof of Age Card

Proof of Address

What we accept:

  • Bank Statements

  • Mortgage Statements

  • Gas & Electricity Bill

  • Mobile Phone Bill

  • Water Bill

  • Council Tax Bill

What we don't accept:

  • Documents dated more than three months ago.

  • Letters from the bank.

  • Letters regarding arrears or payment arrangements.


What we accept:

  • Clear photographs

  • PDF downloads of the original documents

  • Documents that clearly show all four corners

What we don't accept:

  • Photocopies or scanned copies of documents

  • Documents that are cropped

  • Documents that have been edited or covered

Once ready, send them to

If in doubt, please speak to our Support Team who will be happy to help.

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