To make sure everyone has a fun and safe time playing on our site, we don't tolerate or accept the following behaviour in the chat rooms:

  • Arguing with other customers or the Chat Hosts

  • Swearing, insulting, offensive or threatening language

  • Constant complaining for the sake of it without proper cause or reason

  • Reference (good or bad) to any other bingo sites or companies 

  • Writing in ALL CAPS unless it’s a celebration or congratulation message, or there’s something wrong with your keyboard in which case tell us in advance – as in the world of chat this is SHOUTING 

  • Customers asking for bonuses

  • Customers exchanging information which is not appropriate to a public audience or the spirit of the chat rooms which is fun, friendly and safe

  • Flooding of repetitive chat 

  • Stalking, trolling, bullying or any form of harassment of customers or chat hosts

  • Customers giving out any personally identifiable information

  • Always be nice and friendly and treat everyone else the way you want to be treated.

Have fun!

Chat Hosts and MrQ reserve the right to give warnings as well as banning customers from joining the chat rooms for repeat or serious offences.

Chat bans can range from one hour to a permanent ban, depending on the behaviour or the severity of the offence..

In extreme cases we may even suspend or close your MrQ account.

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