You can choose to be excluded for six months, one year or five years. Once you've chosen, you'll be unable to login to the sites that are registered. If you try to login or register again using your details, your login or registration will be blocked.

Is GamStop available for all gambling sites?

Not yet. Currently, GamStop can only exclude you from UK online gambling companies that are registered.  

The good news is that later this year, all online gambling websites will have to join by the Gambling Commission. This will make keeping control over your gambling much easier.

What happens when my self-exclusion is over?

Once your exclusion is over, you'll need to tell GamStop to remove it, they don't do it automatically. It will then go through the relevant process. After this is done, you can contact your chosen sites to reactivate your account.

If you'd like to register or find out more, head to:

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